Indian woman killed in hit-and-run

KUWAIT: An Indian woman was killed when she was run over by a car, whose driver escaped in Sulaibkhat. The body was recovered by the coroner, and detectives are investigating the incident.

Search for reckless driver
A reckless driver fled, leaving his car behind, following a heated chase in Sabah Al-Ahmad. An officer was on a routine patrol when he noticed the reckless behavior by the suspect, so he ordered him to stop, but he did not, and a chase began until the suspect got out of the car and disappeared between houses. Investigations are underway.

Mechanic, client fight
A citizen and a Syrian mechanic exchanged blows over a dispute related to repairing the citizen’s car. The repair had a high cost, so the citizen attempted to convince the mechanic to work with a used spare part, but the mechanic told him this will cause more problems to the car. The citizen insisted, adding that he will take responsibility and agreed to pay KD 110. When the citizen left the shop, the car broke down and smoke came out from the engine, so he returned to the mechanic, insulted him and a fight ensued.

Officer insulted
An Egyptian woman was detained at Jabriya police station for insulting a public employee on duty and threatening to harm him. A police captain and a corporal lodged a complaint stating that they were attacked by an Egyptian man (A N) and a woman (A M), who uttered indecent words and claimed “I have big wasta (connections) and you are not up to them”. Both officers said they do not know why this happened.

Physical assault
A citizen accused a compatriot of beating her following a dispute in Salwa. The woman did not explain the relationship or the reason that prompted the man to beat her. The woman submitted a medical report along with details of the alleged attacker.

Drivers’ dispute
A citizen submitted a medical report to Zahra police which stated he suffered from a swollen and broken nose. He said that a driver attacked him following a dispute over the right of way near Shuhada.

An Asian man was arrested for forging entry visas and making authorities believe they were genuine. A security source said the Asian charged large amounts of money from Asians who wanted to illegally enter the country because they are banned. The man was caught red-handed in his home, from where he ran the scam. – Translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press

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