INJAZ Kuwait signs MoU with Safya Int’l Import and Export Company

Agreement for adopting projects through Boeing’s ‘Start-Up program’

INJAZ Team with Shaker and Agrivage team

KUWAIT: INJAZ Kuwait has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Safya International Import and Export Company on January 17 at Safya’s headquarters.

Laila Al-Mutairi, CEO of INJAZ-Kuwait, and Shaker Al-Eissa – General Manager of Safya International, have signed the agreement on behalf of both parties, with an objective of supporting and guiding founders of ‘Agrivage’ company, which won the “Best Company of the Year” award at INJAZ’s regional competition, through ‘Start-Up program”, one of the most interactive programs provided by INJAZ Kuwait and sponsored by Boeing, a leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems.

Through this agreement, INJAZ Kuwait will be able to implement one of its most interactive programs, which aims at developing a comprehensive approach for transferring the student’s ideas and projects into real businesses that are able to compete with others in the local market and contribute to Kuwait’s economy. With more than 10 years of experience in the recycling industry, Shaker Al-Essa will be sharing his knowledge and providing the necessary counsel and guidance to founders of ‘Agrivage’, a company that aims at recycling food waste and converting it into usable rich soil.

Commenting on signing the MOU, Laila Al-Mutairi, INJAZ Kuwait CEO said: “Pleased with the cooperation with Safya International Import and Export Company, this agreement came to support one of INJAZ’s goals, which is to help developing the knowledge of youth of Kuwait and to raise awareness of the entrepreneurship concept as well as the private business culture, through INJAZ’s most interactive programs ‘Start-Up program’, which was created with a main objective of adopting and supporting potential projects and turning them into real companies, through providing the necessary funding and the needed guidance during the program period.”

“We are extremely proud of the exceptional performance and the results delivered by “Agrivage” team in particular and youth of Kuwait in general, they have been working hard to establish their own future businesses. At INJAZ, our responsibility has always been and will always remain to develop youth of Kuwait by providing innovative educational programs to become entrepreneurs. I would like to give a special thanks to Safya International for their cooperation and to all our sponsors and partners for their ongoing support and contribution to the success of INJAZ’s programs, to inspire and educate the generations to come.”

INJAZ’s Start-Up program was designed for university students who are creative and got innovative ideas to implement. The program, which runs over the period of 6 months, aims to incubate students’ ideas and projects and turn them into real companies, through providing support by leaders of the various industries, who share their practice with students, provide them with the needed funding to establish a business model, prepare financial and marketing plans, commercially register the company and direct them to get financial supply for the project.

INJAZ Kuwait will continue to equip and support youth, to ensure a more prosperous future for generations to come.

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