Integrated plan prepared for return of shooting sport

Obaid Munahi Al-Osaimi

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Secretary General of Arab and Kuwait Shooting Federations Obaid Munahi Al-Osaimi said an integrated plan was prepared for the return of Kuwait shooting sport following the reports of World Health Organization’s announcement that individual sports including shooting are not risky during practice.

Al-Osaimi said the Higher Technical Committee at Kuwait Shooting Sport Club completed the preparation of a comprehensive and integrated plan to resume activities of Kuwait shooting in order to maintain the technical level of shooters which requires continued training and daily practice to be ready  for international competition. The plan was made based on WHO reports which said shooting and archery sport is an individual sport and does not constitute any danger during practice because distances can be kept during the daily practice.

He said the Technical Committee put into consideration all precautionary measures called for by Kuwait health authorities. He said the plan consists of several stages as the first will start with shooters qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, then the second stage will include shooters participating in the Gulf Sports Games to be held in Kuwait in December 2020.

Al-Osaimi said the club informed the Public Authority for Sport (PAS) about the committee’s  plan to ask for allowing to ask for allowing the resumption of the shooting sport activities.

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