Integrating students with special needs in education – Part III

hasawiOn assessing the success of the strategy of vocational development for school directors in terms of integration in mainstream schools, we should observe some points that were already mentioned in the previous article more elaborately. Those points include leaders’ self-motivation towards excellence, rooting the values of democracy, liberty, accepting others, human rights and taking care of students with special needs, allowing them to excel through competing with normal students.

It is also noteworthy to highlight the significance of giving students with special needs their due rights as per the ‘education for all’ constitutional principle. In continuation of what has been mentioned in previous articles, the study has shown some points of strength and other points of weakness that ought to avoided and solved to the best form.

The presence of too many non-Kuwaiti educationalists without working on training more Kuwaitis to be capable of dealing with students with special needs.

Constant change of senior officials has been negatively affecting priorities and does not provide enough chances to assess the integration project’s success.

Some specialists are not convinced with the integration project’s feasibility and this has had its negative impacts on the project.

A very limited number of school directors has been trained and none of the new ones or those newly transferred resumed their training sessions.

Inequality in trainers’ financial dues as per nationality (Kuwaiti, Arab, Western)

Instability of target trainees (supervisors and directors) due to transfers, retirement or going on long vacations.

The short period allocated to benefit from the training program.

Limiting directors’ vocational development efforts to theory through some lectures. Accordingly, the researcher found solutions for these points of weakness within the school directors’ vocational development strategy. (To be continued) —Translated by Kuwait Times

By Dr Zainab Al-Hasawi

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