Integrating students with special needs in education – Part IV

hasawiDeveloping the strategy of vocational development for school directors in terms of integration in mainstream schools in Kuwait, we have to review the elements of achieving success of this strategy in particular and of any educational one in general. A strategy is a way of solving certain problems, diagnosing them, setting policies and putting them into practice through proper measures.

Some of the elements taken into consideration when setting this strategy include comprehensive review of educational issues as a whole, considering related factors and adopting the partnership and participation concept to achieve coherence so that directors can be fully convinced with their roles, which enhances their vocational satisfaction that will be reflected on all staff and learners as well as make school environments attractive to everyone. This strategy should be built on intellect, organization, management, execution, meditation and determining all tracks to be followed.

In addition, the strategy should go through several phases including operations and activities with the aim of building the general structure of strategies suggested for developing integration school directors. The first phase includes the following:

● Analysis by studying foreign and other countries’ experiences in terms of vocational development programs for integration school directors and identifying the most important international and local changes affecting school operation.

● Determining the human and financial resources needed to utilize them in a most integrated way to achieve the goals.

The Second Phase:

● Setting a vision for the strategy proposed to achieve vocational development for integration school directors of “outstanding increase in caring for and developing integration school directors to face local, regional and international competition”, and rephrasing it in a way that expresses the establishment’s philosophy and determines its sought future.

The Third Phase

● Setting strategic goals, and this is the basic rule that must be clear, defined and objective.

The Fourth Phase:

● Setting integration school directors’ vocational development programs and projects in addition to determining the funds needed.

The Fifth Phase:

● Scheduling the execution of school directors’ vocational development programs according to priorities and quality standards.

The Sixth Phase:

●Work follow-up, assessment and briefing officials seeking participation, consultancy and discussing their vision about the strategy and approving it. Finally:

● Launching media awareness campaign to promote the integration culture and its impact on society.

● Exploring the gap between actual vocational development of integration school directors in Kuwait and international standards.

By Dr Zainab Al-Hasawi

● Involving everybody in integration programs to do extra tasks. — Translated by Kuwait Times

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