Integrating students with special needs in education – Part VI

hasawiAfter reviewing the vocational center for child evaluation and teaching (CCET), results showed several recommendations, of which the most important were: Using government support in developing the management of integration training centers, utilizing experts’ experiences in developing vocational development programs in those centers, exchanging expertise at universities and foreign training centers’ levels and developing the integration school administrations by establishing a means of communication under the supervision of the Ministry of Education (MoE), through which all integration schools display their successful experiences.

It was also noticed that the most important means of developing integration school directors vocational development training centers in Kuwait were as follows:

* More contributions should be made by bodies like the parliament through passing needed legislations, MoE by setting executive charts and regulations, MoH by early diagnosis of disabilities, the information ministry by spreading public awareness and the culture of integration in mainstream schools.

* Providing the needed human resources to enable integration school directors carry out their administrative tasks.

* Holding regular periodic meetings for integration school directors to assess and adjust integration programs if needed and to avoid central decision-making and enable integration leaders outside school directors make their own contributions.

* Increasing the number of integration school directors’ training centers.

* Setting a new payroll system based on vocational efficiency rather than on seniority.

* Follow up and assessment are the final steps towards avoiding possible shortcomings in those vocational development programs that might result from application mistakes and errors.

I suggest utilizing CCET’s experience in integration school directors’ vocational development, which is a leading one in Kuwait. — Translated by Kuwait Times

By Dr Zainab Al-Hasawi

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