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Interior Ministry adds 26 services to Sahel app

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior announced adding 26 electronic services to the Sahel app, through which citizens and residents can finalize their transactions online without the need to visit a relevant MoI department office. In-person attendance will therefore be restricted to senior citizens, people with special needs and people with cases that cannot be resolved online. The services include:

1. Inquiring about the election registration number and voting location.

2. Traffic fines payment.

3. Medical test result for residents.

4. Residency renewal for domestic helpers.

5. Driving license services.

6. Criminal record certificate issuance.

7. Downloading registration documents.

8. Misdemeanor cases’ follow up.

9. Residency renewal.

10. Residency issuance.

11. Inquiry about unimplemented rulings.

12. Early membership request registration.

13. Enrollment request follow up.

14. Residency affairs fines payment.

15. Inquiry about a resident’s interior ministry reference number.

16. A facsimile (exact copy) of Kuwaiti passport.

17. Temporary residency transfer and renewal.

18. Reporting loss of documents.

19. Payment of additional fees related to domestic helpers.

20. Traffic fines payment for companies.

21. Self-sponsorship residency renewal.

22. Traffic fines payment for others.

23. Visa fines payment.

24. Deportees’ travel ticket payment.

25. Dependency fees payment.

26. Legal disclaimer certificate.

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