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Interior Ministry appeals to motorists to move vehicles after minor accidents

Many motorists not aware of ban on blocking road in case of accidents: Buslaib

KUWAIT: Although over four months have passed since the Ministry of Interior issued a decree banning drivers from blocking the road while waiting for a police patrol in case of minor traffic accidents, many motorists are not aware of this decree. The Head of the Media Security Department at the Ministry of Interior Lt Col Nasser Buslaib called upon drivers to follow and respect this decree. “Many times, very simple car accidents block the road. This causes great inconvenience, especially during peak hours. To avoid these situations, the ministry issued this decree to simplify the process,” he told Kuwait Times.

According to this decree, drivers should go to the police station if nobody is injured, if the vehicle is not seriously damaged and can move, and if both parties are in agreement. In case of death or injuries during the accident or if any of the vehicles is seriously damaged, then the drivers should wait for the police and ambulance. “The drivers can exchange their driving licenses before heading to the police station. They are free to take photos of their vehicles if they like to do so, but it’s not obligatory. In case drivers block the road over a minor accident, they will be ticketed for blocking the road,” Buslaib said.
In case of minor accidents, both parties should drive to the police station. “The procedure is very simple and fast, as both sides get a report to fix their cars from the officer at the police station without having to wait for an investigator. In case the parties have a dispute over the responsibility of the accident and whose fault it is, after arriving at the police station, they have to wait for the investigator,” he added.

Sometimes the location of the accident is very clear, so drivers will go to the police station of this area. On highways it might be a little confusing, as the roads flank several areas. “If the road is between two or more areas, the police station in charge will be the one on the right side of the accident. If the drivers are not sure, they can drive to the nearest police station, which will then direct them to the one in charge,” explained Buslaib.

In case the accident is serious or the vehicle is immobile, then the drivers need to call the emergency hotline 112, which is connected to other departments in charge including police, ambulance and the fire department. According to Buslaib, officers at the police stations have been informed of this new decree and they were also given training to deal with minor accidents. “In these cases, the officer is given the power of the investigator and issues the report for the drivers,” he concluded.

By Nawara Fattahova

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