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Interior Ministry ready to apply child protection law

Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Fahd
Lieutenant General
Suleiman Al-Fahd

KUWAIT: Interior Ministry Undersecretary Lieutenant General Suleiman Al-Fahd asked ministry sectors to prepare to implement the child protection law when it becomes effective. Security sources said the public security department has begun cooperation with the family disputes affairs department to discuss child abuse cases, as well as coordinating with the investigation department which works with the technical office on the categorization of cases – to be recorded as misdemeanors or felonies, and deal with them confidentially. There is also coordination with investigators about the mechanism necessary to categorize a case and send it to the courts.

Meanwhile, the health ministry asked doctors in all hospitals to inform the child protection team at the hospital immediately when they suspect any violence, physical or emotional mistreatment, sexual abuse or negligence against children, so that the necessary procedures can be taken towards every case.

Health Ministry Undersecretary Dr Khalid Al-Sahlawi issued a circular to health zone directors, saying that the child protection team will inform the juvenile protection unit at the criminal detectives department to take the necessary action and receive information about maltreatment or negligence referred from the primary healthcare center. – Al-Rai and Al-Jarida

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