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International Day of Disabled Persons

KUWAIT: On the International Day of Disabled Persons, which falls on the 3rd of December of every year, the Head of the Committee for the Rights of Disabled Persons at the National Diwan for Human Rights, Dr Yousef Al-Sager stated that within the framework of the world’s celebration of this occasion, it is important to draw attention to the most important needs of Disabled Persons in terms of empowerment and integration in the society and helping them to rely on themselves as much as possible.

Dr Al-Sager added that the Committee for the Rights of Disabled Persons mainly aims to spread awareness of integrating Disabled Persons and offer them various skills and knowledge that qualify them for positive and effective participation in society and the work environment by providing them with good opportunities. Also Dr Al-Sager called on all institutions, government and private sectors in Kuwait to provide all opportunities and overcome difficulties in integrating Disabled Persons into the work environment and to secure all means to ensure the effectiveness of their positive participation.

Emphasizing the most important thing that Disabled Persons may acquire from these opportunities to integrate into work environments, in particular life and professional skills, such as work skills, decision-making and self-independence due to its importance in ensuring a decent life, increasing self-confidence for them and enhance their opportunities for social interaction among community members.

In conclusion, the National Diwan for Human Rights, representing the Committee for Disabled Persons, stressed on the need to make more efforts to enable them to enjoy all their human rights in the first place, in order to implement Kuwait’s international obligations and of its national legislations in this matter.

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