It is Eid time

There is nothing that matches the joy of Eid after all Muslims have completed a full month of fasting and devotion, and their feeling that they have received Allah’s acceptance. The joy of Eid is one of the most beautiful emotions a human being can feel after fasting for 30 days and refraining from doing many things, as most of the time is spent in worship.
The last week of the holy month sees people in markets shopping for new clothes and shoes, particularly for children. Mothers spend many hours preparing special sweets particular to Eid, such as “kaak” and” maamoul”, which is made of flour and special spices stuffed with dates and nuts.

Regardless of our age, Eid showers us with happiness, and no matter how many Eids come by, we are always happy to welcome it as if we are children, and memories of the past come to us. Many children stay up all night out of excitement because they want to wear their new clothes and wait for their parents and older relatives to give Eidiya, which is normally money, then go out to enjoy and have fun.

Women gather in circles while helping each other prepare the sweets. Then on the eve of Eid, they prepare food for breakfast and lunch, as all family members gather in one house, normally the father’s, to have their meal. How beautiful it is when grown-up men go to their parents’ homes with their children to greet them on the occasion, and their parents are so happy to see their grandchildren in their best, and you can see how satisfied they are in their faces. How great is our Eid!

But hey, Abdellatif! Do not get carried away, as some of my friends say! Mind you, coronavirus is still around the corner, so let us not celebrate the occasion as usual and get infected. Still, we must live the moment one way or another! We should wake up on time on the day of Eid, jump in the shower, pray Fajr and spend time reading the Quran and supplicating until the sun rises, then lead Eid prayers with family members, exchange greetings, eat breakfast, call other family members on social media and create an atmosphere of celebration in the house.

I have never experienced such circumstances in my entire lifetime, even during wars and other drastic events. I pray to Almighty God that this never ever happens again.
Final word: “What is hope but a feeling of optimism. A thought that says things will improve, it won’t always be bleak [and] there is a way to rise above the present circumstances.” – Wayne W Dyer

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