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Italy Embassy celebrates 76th anniversary of National Day

KUWAIT: Italy Embassy on Wednesday celebrated the 76th Anniversary of the National Day of the Italian Republic – the first time after the two-years period of COVID-19 pandemic. Italian Republic is a young and modern Republic with an ancient civilization and thousands of years of history. The Ambassador of Italy to Kuwait Carlo Baldocci recalled one of the great challenges that the world had to deal with two years ago; Italy was heavily hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. He thanked Kuwait for its solidarity and immediate aid.

KUWAIT: KUWAIT: Kuwait Times Editor-in-Chief Abd Al-Rahman Al-Alyan (right) is pictured with other top dignitaries during the 76th National Day of the Italian Republic on Wednesday.

“With our Kuwaiti friends we share the same attitude in dealing with international threats and crises through dialogue and tolerance and in many occasions we have similar analysis and positions, which results in mutual understanding and in reinforcing day by day our excellent bilateral relations. In December 2021, both countries celebrated 60 years of extraordinary friendship with a series of events in Kuwait: musical concerts, art and architectural exhibitions outlining the two nations’ mutual cooperation and rich history of cross-fertilization and interaction,” he said.


“This year we also started with a rich cultural agenda, with different programs and activities such as concerts, seminars, art, gastronomy and  events that keep bringing more of Italy to Kuwait, with the aim to make Kuwaitis enjoy what Italy is famous for worldwide, as well as discover different sectors where our Country has an international leading position. As you all know, Italy is a cultural mega-power,” he added.

He invited everybody to visit the Italian exhibitions that are currently going on: “DIVA, Italian Glamour in Fashion Jewelry” exhibition, curated by Professor Alba Cappellieri at Contemporary Art Platform (CAP), which will continue until June 18th and also “The Mystic Letters”, a calligraphy exhibition by Antonella Leoni, at Dar Al-Funoon and will continue until June 23rd.


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