It’s the director’s vision

LabeedThe fact that German provinces will spend over €16 billion in 2016 on refugees flowing into Germany in massive record numbers indicates that Germany is forcefully rejoining the international community and contributing to humane activities for the victims of disasters that have already ruined some countries and continents.

The plan involves paying for accommodating, nurturing, educating and providing other services needed for refugees arriving from Syria and other disturbed places in the Middle East and Africa who sought asylum in Europe’s largest economy. Bearing in mind that the total number of refugees reached a million in 2015, this shows that these refugees are being treated as assets once they are educated and trained enough.

It was the German focus on industries and discipline that made Germany win the recent World Cup and maintain a solid economy in Europe where many countries like Greece, Spain and Italy were harshly affected by the recent economic crisis and stagnancy in various international markets.

Despite millions of refugees fleeing to various countries to escape the sufferings in war and conflict-stricken countries where major players are controlling the ‘game’ and destroying national sovereignty, both Germany, that lost World War II and Japan, that was struck by an atomic bomb, were able to redeem international leaderships.

On the other hand, our Arab world is mainly dominated by fragility and very few countries managed to escape the test of what has been erroneously described as a ‘spring’, while it was nothing more than a time of Arab uprisings claiming the lives of Arab people just for the sake of toppling some Arab regimes because major powers decided to ‘bypass’ some, use cardiovascular stents with others and cut the oxygen supporting other Arab regimes.

We should not let history repeat itself when many rushed in bad old times to beg for protection. Would it not be better if we actually activate regional economic groupings the way many regions around the world do based on ‘win-win’ strategies, be that with ‘light, middle or flyweight players instead of watching innocent people killed every day simply because ‘it is the director’s vision’*?!

* ‘It is the director’s vision’ is an expression used in the Arab movie business to justify how a movie storyline goes, relating it to the vision and control of the movie director.

By Labeed Abdal
[email protected]

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