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Jaber hospital divided into several departments

local4KUWAIT: The Health Ministry will divide Jaber Hospital into several departments within a strategy to attract world hospitals to run each department to enhance the hospital work. Sources said the ministry’s decision will be made in agreement with the council of ministers, after the Ministry of Health failed to attract any international hospital or company to run the hospital due to its size and because its management constitutes a huge burden on an international management that comes for investment.

Construction of the the Jaber Hospital, which is located in South Surra, is expected to finish by this year’s end, while it is set to go on test operation at the beginning of 2016. The hospital is considered the largest in the Middle East and the sixth largest worldwide with a total area of 220,000 square meters. The building consists of five towers with a total bed capacity of 1,168, and contains a parking lot that fits 5,000 vehicles. An underground central power plant, build specifically for the project, supplies the building with 100 percent of its electricity needs.

By A Saleh

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