Jehad Al-Humaidhi appointed as AUB Deputy CEO – Banking Support Group

Jehad Saud Al-Humaidhi

KUWAIT: Ahli United Bank (AUB) has announced the appointment of Jehad Saud Al-Humaidhi as Deputy CEO – Banking Support Group as of 28 June 2018, after obtaining the approval of the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Jehad was formerly Senior General Manager – IT & Operations at Ahli United Bank and was appointed to succeed Ahmed Zulficar, who has recently retired.

Jehad is one of the most experienced and distinguished Kuwaiti banking professionals. With more than 33 years of experience in banking at Ahli United Bank, she was able to drive an extensive range of initiatives that helped transform AUB’s IT & Operational capabilities.

Jehad joined the Bank immediately upon her graduation from university in 1984. She started her career as an IT programmer and held various managerial positions related to Operations, Administration, Technical Facilities and Data Processing and Development. Since 2011, she was appointed as General Manager – IT & Operations, to be promoted to Senior General Manager in 2016. In addition she is also board member of K-NET, Vice-Chairman of Ci Net, and member of the Board of Directors of the Gulf Custody Company. Ms. Jehad holds a degree of Bachelor of Science – Mathematics, from Kuwait University.

Jehad was recently awarded the “Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2017” in the field of IT, Banking & Finance by the prestigious International Finance magazine. in a grand celebration that was held in Dubai on Jan 18, 2018.

On this occasion, AUB’s CEO Richard Groves said “The appointment of Jehad Al-Humaidhi to this position is a confirmation of the stability and strength of the succession plan in AUB’s management team. I am delighted to have Jehad move into this senior position which reflects her enormous experience and ability, and her full commitment not only to AUB, but also to the wider banking industry in Kuwait”.

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