Jerusalem: Home for all

Labeed Abdal

Arab foreign ministers strongly condemned the dangerous Israeli acceleration in occupied Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque. They warned that such aggression could have dangerous consequences in the future and might start a religious conflict in the region. This reminded me of a funny story when I met a Tunisian lady during one of my trips abroad, and asked her about her son’s name. With a deep sigh, she replied, that her son’s name was Rayyan and that he meant everything to her. That woman’s sigh truly expressed that he was part of her soul.

This story reminded me of a song by Lebanon’s prime singer, Fairooz tiltled ‘Ta’a We La teji’ (Come and do not come), which talks about a mother’s longing for her departed son. Back to the Israel’s aggressions that oppose the idea of considering Jerusalem as a religious home for three heavenly religions, one cannot see any civilization when the UN uselessly makes a unanimous resolution on adapting the two-neighboring states solution to solve a problem between two peace-loving people and avoid potential crimes of hatred and revenge.

By Labeed Abdal

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