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A jet ski for the winning team in Red Bull Bar Bahr

Mohammad Burbayea winner of the first edition of Red Bull Bar Bahr.
Mohammad Burbayea winner of the first edition of Red Bull Bar Bahr.

KUWAIT: The countdown for Red Bull Bar Bahr relay race has started and the most thrilling race is inching closer. The logistical arrangements are set to kick off early next week to lay out the land and water tracks in preparation for the adrenaline-charged Quad Bike and Jet Ski relay race on Friday November 11th on Marina beach. On the event day, 24 teams of Jet Ski and Quad bike racers will compete in a race full of thrill and challenge and the top 3 teams will be awarded medals, the winning team, however, will receive a Kawasaki 300 LX Jet Ski in addition to the trophies.

The qualifying rounds will be held on November 10th, out of which the participating teams will be shortlisted and only 24 teams will compete for the title. The event is organized by Basel Salem Al-Sabah Motorsport Club and under the sponsorship of Nissan Al-Babtain, Public Authority For Youth and Sports, Kawasaki, Pirelli, GoPro, Acqua Eva, Marina Mall, Al Anbaa Newspaper, Kuwait Times Newspaper, and Studentalk Magazine.


In the wake of the first round in which 24 teams will compete, the top fastest 12 teams will be chosen to compete during the semi-finals. Hence, the race will not be based on a point scoring system, rather a method that calculates the time spent by teams to finish the race, which means that the total minutes of race spent by each team will be compared with other teams’ timings. Six teams will participate in the final round that will begin with Quad bikes lined up on the beach and the drivers will have to run towards their Quad Bikes and begin their race to reach their teammates on Jet Skis and hand them the key, and thus finish the race on the water track.


Aside of the qualifications and talent of the racers, vehicles must be subject to certain specifications. Quad bikes should have specific characteristics in order to be eligible for the race: a maximum length of 2 meters, a maximum width of 1.5 meters, and a maximum height of 1.5 meters. The choice is up to the participants in terms of the engine as long as it runs on ordinary fuels (electric motors are forbidden), add to that that safety belts must be in a good condition.

Similarly, racing Jet Skis must be especially designed for races with one or two seats (freestyle Jet Skis are forbidden). They should have a maximum length of four meters, a maximum width of 1.5 meters, and a maximum height of 1.5 meters. Like Quad bikes, Jet Ski racers can choose their engine at their convenience, keeping in mind that the engine runs on ordinary fuels.


The above-mentioned Jet Ski specifications are available in the model that will be awarded to the winning team. Those who have a passion for water sports consider this model as the best option as it allows them to enjoy marine adventures and participate in competitions like Red Bull Bar Bahr. The Jet Ski is fitted with a strong engine and comes with important features such as balance, efficiency, light weight and speed.

To participate Red Bull Bar Bahr, each Quad bike competitor should be owner of his bike, whereas participants of the Jet Ski race should have a license from the Marine Sports Club of Kuwait.
If you wish to be part of the action during Red Bull Bar Bahr, visit www.redbull.com/barbahr

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