Justice Minister, Algerian PM judicial consultations

Algiers: Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Integrity Enhancement Jamal Al-Jallawi and Algerian Prime Minister Ayman bin Abdulrahman held discussions encompassing topics related to judicial proceedings and the administration of law.

A statement by Algerian authorities said that earlier today the prime minister received Al-Jallawi upon his visit to the country to strengthen relations between both sides in fields of law and judicial matters.

The statement furthered, progression of the exchange of ideas on such topics and promoting integrity, transparency, and ethical behavior amongst the general public were also emphasized.

As both sides are also keen on cooperating to further bilateral relations as influenced by leadership.

Proceeding these discussions, Al-Jallawi held a meeting with President of Algeria’s Constitutional Court Omar Belhadji covering issues relating to the constitution, assuring “Kuwati Authorities highest regard to continue strengthening bilateral relations with Algeria.” While Belhadji points out the importance of deep reforms in Algeria under the leadership of its President Abdelmadjid Tebboune for its imminent vision to provide judicial independence.

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