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Kamco Invest commits to women empowerment principles

KUWAIT: Kamco Invest, a regional non-banking financial powerhouse with one of the largest AUMs in the region, participated in the ‘Driving Women’s Empowerment Forward: Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and the Role of Business to Accelerate Equality in the Workplace’ event which showcased Kuwait’s developments in the area of women empowerment, and welcomed new members into the initiative.

This initiative is part of Kamco Invest’s commitment to establishing a business model that incorporates the UN Sustainable Development Goals within its business functions. As of recent, the Company has begun to take major strides towards environmental, social and governance aspects to further imbed a sustainability mindset into the Companywide strategy, which enables it to add long-lasting value to its stakeholders. Through these collaborations, Kamco Invest can gain a more competitive advantage and have a lasting and more resounding positive impact on the national economy.

As an avid supporter of UN SDG 5 which stands for gender equality, and in line with its long-standing commitment to implement a sustainable development plan, Kamco Invest expressed its dedication towards the global WEP movement and announced its new role as a dedicated member of the cause.

The event was co-hosted by the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, the European Union Delegation to the State of Kuwait, UNDP, UN Women, Al-Hamra Real Estate Co, the Women’s Research and Studies Center at the College of Social Sciences at Kuwait University and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait. Organized as part of an initiative to enhance women’s empowerment in the Kuwaiti private sector, the event served as a follow up to the EU-Kuwait informal Human Rights Dialogue. Representing Kamco Invest, Nawal Mulla-Hussain, Managing Director of Support Operations, delivered a heartfelt speech highlighting the Company’s stand and approach to ensuring gender equality in the workplace.

Commenting on Kamco Invest’s participation, Mulla-Hussain said, “We are proud to have become members of the women’s empowerment movement in Kuwait, a subject that we hold dearly close to our individual and corporate values at Kamco Invest. Committing to the Women’s Empowerment Principles falls in line with our corporate culture and our strong belief in providing every individual an equal opportunity to excel within our organization, regardless of their gender.”

Dr Lubna Alkazi, Director of Women’s Research and Studies Center at Kuwait University, commented, “Kamco Invest is the first investment company to join the Women’s Empowerment Principles. Being a major investment Company, it will encourage other investment companies to join the WEPs community. By expanding to include the financial sector, not only are we achieving women’s empowerment in the private sector, but also the vision of New Kuwait 2035.” Under its sustainable development plan, the Company also extends its social responsibility to empowering the youth across various educational initiatives that aim to assist the younger generation in successfully building their future careers.

Mulla-Hussain concluded, “Through this cause-driven initiative, in addition to the activities organized under our corporate social responsibility program, Kamco Invest strives to contribute towards this global movement that not only highlights the importance of women’s inclusiveness and empowerment, but also works proactively to progress towards a more sustainable future, economy, and society. In this regard, Kamco Invest will continue to build on its sustainable development program and further develop a sustainable business model that paves the way for building the aspired modern state.”

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