KAMCO real estate fund wins ‘Best Real Estate Fund, Kuwait’ award

Recognition from International Finance Magazine

Mohammad Al-Othman, Head of Alternative Investments at KAMCO

KUWAIT: KAMCO Investment Company, a leading investment company with one of the largest AUMs in the region, announced that KAMCO’s Real Estate Yield Fund has been awarded the “Best Real Estate Fund – Kuwait” in 2016 from International Finance Magazine (“IFM”), a renowned financial publication that recognizes and honors individuals, as well as organizations, in the financial investment industry. The awards were presented to those who made a significant value addition to the industry through innovative products and services.

KAMCO Real Estate Yield Fund (KREYF) was selected from a pool of nominees who went through a reader and expert analysis process, followed by extensive scrutiny based on the sector, innovation, growth, sustainability and their contribution towards society.

Commenting on the award, the Chief Investment Officer of KAMCO, Khaled Fouad said, “This international recognition serves to affirm KAMCO’s capabilities in delivering competitive and innovative services. The award highlights our successful approach over the past years, in appealing to a large segment of clients through delivering customized and sophisticated products, which serve the fluctuating market dynamics. Through this approach, we strive to set the standard of excellence in asset management and investment funds across the local and regional markets.”

Fouad added, “Our model is based on a balanced investment policy which aims to minimize investment risks and preserve the Fund’s capital through the diversification of assets across low-risk and income generating real estate opportunities. The model serves to maximize client returns and meet their investment objectives.”

When commenting on the Fund’s performance, Fouad said that KREYF achieved 5.33 percent returns during 2016 in comparison to 4.17 percent returns in 2015. The Fund increased by 116 basis points with a growth rate of 27.82 percent, and successfully distributed 4 percent dividends to investors in 2016 and 4.17 percent in the previous year. In terms of the Fund’s size, assets under management (AUM) rose by nearly $23 million, reaching $63.24 million in 2016, in comparison to $ 40.50 million in 2015.

Fouad further noted, “KAMCO’s Alternative Investment team strives to deliver superior investment banking services which includes private equity, real estate and fixed income. Our objective is to cater to the growing demand for such services in Kuwait by investing in and supporting companies that demonstrate strong growth opportunities. We target a wide spectrum of private equity deals in various regional and global sectors including telecom, technology, real estate, healthcare and traditional service companies.”

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