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KD 20.6 billion deficit estimated in four years

Rise in oil prices to reduce deficit next year

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s financial deficit over the four years from 2014 to 2018 was recently estimated at KD 20.6 billion ($67.9 billion), said oil and financial sources, predicting that the deficit would drop by 20 percent next year thanks to the rise in oil prices to more than $68 per barrel. This would prevent the government from borrowing to make up for the deficit. In view of this deficit, oil sources expected a rise in fears of the consequences of economic reforms. The sources added that ongoing reforms and cutting spending had cost citizens their savings and led to postponing some service projects. “The state’s low non-oil revenues will lead to a $1.4 trillion deficit, which is larger than the current state reserves,” the sources underlined. Meanwhile, financial sources expect Kuwait will face a $179 billion deficit by 2030.

Kuwaitis outnumbered
Educational statistics show that non-Kuwaiti teachers outnumber their Kuwaiti peers in public secondary schools and that the total number of secondary school teachers is 13,988 – 8,018 non-Kuwaitis and 5,970 Kuwaitis, including 1,828 male and 4,142 female teachers. Statistics also elaborated that the total number of Kuwaiti Arabic teachers in high schools is 348, while expats are 1,282; Kuwaiti English teachers are 286, while expats are 1,152; Kuwaiti French teachers are 54 compared to 423 expats; Kuwaiti science teachers are 837 compared to 1,612 expats, Kuwaiti math teachers are 255 compared to 1,081 expats and Kuwaiti computer teachers are 261 compared to 569 expats. The statistics showed the number of Kuwaiti teachers compared to expats is 169/304 in music, 33/55 in practical studies and 16/55 librarians.

Job opportunities
Recent Civil Service Commission (CSC) statistics show that 18,674 job opportunities are available for citizens holding various degrees, including 9,166 for males, 7,077 for females and 2,431 for both.

Housing units
The Public Authority for Housing Welfare said 50,000 housing units will be distributed to citizens in South Sabah Al-Ahmad and South Saad Al-Abdullah cities soon. Speaking on a briefing and awareness meeting held for citizens, the authority spokesperson Ibrahim Al-Nashi said the authority had distributed 12,000 units so far and considerably cut citizens’ waiting time to get a house.

Fishermen’s diwaniya
Head of the Kuwaiti fishermen diwaniya Khaled Al-Othainah urged the state’s premier to act and undo or postpone a decision made to remove the diwaniya until an alternative location is found. Othainah added that the diwaniya is vital for investing the time of both young and retired nationals, namely fishermen, adding that fishermen had been only granted a one-week grace period before removing the diwaniya.

By A Saleh

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