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KD 20 allowance for each Kuwaiti employee mulled to combat the effects of the gasoline price hike

KUWAIT: The government is considering a proposal to pay KD 20 a month for each Kuwaiti employee as an allowance to combat the effects of the gasoline price hike, which comes into effect on September 1. The proposal was made by a number of lawmakers among others that include giving coupons or free gasoline liters to Kuwaitis through their ration cards. The government reportedly rejected the other proposal out of fear that they might lead to manipulation and the creation of a black market for subsidized gasoline. — Al-Qabas

Payroll increase
Several MPs urged the government to take on measures to prevent an expected increase in the public sector’s payroll in the coming years following the decision to increase gasoline prices. The measures include a complete halt of hiring expatriates in the public sector, putting controls on Kuwaitis’ rent allowance to limit it to those paid less than KD 1,200 a month, establishing new residential areas behind Kuwait International Airport or in Kabd, and making the private sector more attractive for national manpower. They also asked the government about the labor market’s plans to absorb more than 60,000 university graduates by 2030. — Al-Rai

Fines increase in the works
Kuwait has plans to increase fines collected from drivers who commit serious violations such as failure to fasten the seatbelt or using the phone while driving. This was reported by Al-Jarida yesterday quoting Major General Fahad Al-Shuwaie, the Acting Assistant Director for Traffic and Licenses Affairs at the Traffic General Department, adding that the project is yet to be sent to the National Assembly for debate. Meanwhile, Shuwaie said that there are no plans to increase fees for services that the traffic department provides. Furthermore, he reiterated that there is a possibility that a decision might be made in the future to limit the number of vehicles an expatriate can own, as one of the solutions mulled for the traffic jams’ problem. — Al-Jarida

2017 elections
Some members of the opposition which boycotted the past two parliamentary elections plan to meet early September to discuss whether to participate in next year’s polls or not. Several well-known names among the opposition or currently investigating whether they are able from a legal standpoint to announce their participation in the elections, sources said. — Al-Anbaa

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