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KD 28.5 million to plant trees in two areas unbelievable: Lawmaker

KUWAIT: The National Assembly’s building in Kuwait City. – Photo by Fouad Al-Shaikh

KUWAIT: MP Omar Al-Tabtabaei found it strange to have a tender to plant trees in two areas at a cost of KD 28.5 million, adding “this is unbelievable.” He said in a press statement that “we support greening to protect the environment, as our climate is harsh, but it is not realistic to spend such an amount of money to plant trees in two areas only.” Tabtabaei said he sent questions to Information Minister and State Minister for Youth Affairs Mohammad Al-Jabri to make sure about the feasibility study, the plan and type of trees.

He said there was a youth greening initiative in Kuwait years ago and before the establishment of the agriculture authority under the slogan “Green dream” to reduce sand storms and lower the temperature, but the initiative was not accepted because it was by Kuwaiti youth and not a foreign company, and the cost was no more than KD 5 million.

Meanwhile, MP Mohammad Al-Dallal said he submitted questions to all ministers about those who are retired and exceptions made since 2017. He said the success of government departments is linked to the success of its workers and their job security. “Job security needs the presence of clear and transparent rules for retirement in government departments,” he said, noting that state departments are still taking decisions with regards to sending employees to retirement without legal bases, and the Civil Service Council and Civil Service Commission still do not have rules for sending employees to retirement, leaving each ministry or government department to take decisions independent from other government departments.

By A Saleh

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