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KD 75 as minimum wage

KUWAIT: Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh yesterday issued a decision setting the minimum monthly wage for workers in the private and oil sector at KD 75. This is the first time ever that Kuwait sets a minimum wage for laborers in the private sector. The move apparently comes in line with demands from international rights organizations.

The decision means that the lowest salary that can be given to laborers in the private sector should be KD 75. Laborers who are paid less than this salary can sue their employers. The measure comes after the Interior Ministry last year set a minimum wage of KD 60 for domestic helpers. The amount must be mentioned in the work contract. According to the minister’s decision, the new wage limit applies to new or renewed work permits and contracts both in the private and oil sectors. Around 1.5 million people are working in the private sector, the overwhelming majority of them are expatriates.

By B Izzak


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