Keeping our surroundings clean

I did not think that I will be writing about the behavior of some people that I saw during two days into the total curfew, but I find it necessary to talk about such behavior, especially since we are under certain circumstances that do not allow for any unhealthy act and we must comply with rules and common sense.

The environment that surrounds the human being is part of his rights. It has an effect on health and living and in turn it affects the entire society, such as the right to clean air and water. So the protection of the environment is no longer a luxury; rather it has an influence on people’s ability to live healthily and safely.

The first principle of the Stockholm Declaration in 1972 said: “Man has the fundamental right to freedom, equality and adequate conditions of life, in an environment of quality that permits a life of dignity and wellbeing, and he bears a solemn responsibility to protect and improve the environment for present and future generations. In this respect, policies promoting or perpetuating apartheid, racial segregation, discrimination, colonialism and other forms of oppression and foreign domination stand condemned and must be eliminated.”

Bearing in mind the human being is no longer able to facilitate a sound healthy environment because there are so many challenges, such as the increased piles of trash in urban areas causing continued pollution of the surrounding environment and exposing the society to dangerous health risk. The common danger is in throwing trash in many places, around buildings or even in public places such as streets and parking lots.

Though trash includes many things resulting from man’s activities, what concerns me is what is produced inside homes is then left in front of the buildings and even on the stairs in some cases, and this attracts stray animals, particularly cats and insects that are definitely harmful, besides some rodents that can be seen here and there.

Please cooperate with the authorities and place the trash in well-sealed bags, and put them out in proper containers at the prescribed time. This is to keep our surroundings clean and healthy. Oh, by the way, the coronavirus may hide in some trash components, so take care and be careful.
Final word: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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