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KEPS bonds with US reserve

SAN DIEGO: The Kuwait Environment Protection Society’s Chairperson Wajdan Al- Ugab (right) poses with the center’s officials. —KUNA

KUWAIT: Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS) has worked out a long-distance ‘partnership program’ with a major center for conserving wildlife in Saint Diego, California, the United States of America. The society chairperson, Wajdan Al-Ugab, said in a statement yesterday that the partnership would be beneficial for students and visitors to the society’s educational center which simulates the nature.

The two sides will exchange programs, information about the marine life in the two countries as well useful proposals and ideas, via the internet and other digital means, she said. The US center is a coastal reserve, rich in botanic species. Personnel at the society headquarters in Kuwait can examine the creatures, namely green turtles, in the US reserve. – KUNA

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