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KFH hosts handicapped persons in training program

KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance House and Kuwait Society for the Handicapped in a group photo with the trainees.

KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has honored the first batch of special needs students from the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped (KSH). The students participated in a training program as part of a partnership agreement, which is the first of its kind at the banking sector level to be signed between the bank and the society. The agreement comprises several initiatives and training programs allocated to students with special needs including field visits to KFH branches and departments.

Acting Group Chief Executive Officer at KFH, Abdulwahab Al-Rushood said in the honoring ceremony that KFH is always keen on fostering, supporting, and qualifying various society categories including special needs students. He emphasized that KFH endeavors always to enhance its social role in a comprehensive and integrated manner to cover all society categories and provide the most interesting activities and services for special needs children.

Rushood added that KFH social contributions are some of the main factors to enhance the development process, improve Kuwaiti society capabilities, address main issues and enhance society efforts to build a better future for all. He added that those social initiatives reflect the positive attitude towards the significance of enhancing the role of human capabilities to contribute to the development efforts and assist the state in achieving progress in various fields.

Rushood expressed his delight to participate in honoring the first batch of handicapped interns in collaboration with KSH especially that the ceremony coincided with the International Day for Disabled Persons on 3rd December each year. The honoring ceremony concludes a training program organized by KFH to improve the capabilities of the participants, drive their creativity and innovation, overcome all difficulties, and achieve their goals with the best possible means.

He added: “We started our partnership with the KSH last September to train and qualify this distinguished group of disabled students. We were very much impressed with their enthusiasm and dedication to develop themselves and cope with the practical and theoretical aspects of the training program. We are looking at a highly distinguished and ambitious group who are able to serve their country and themselves and contribute to the achievement of Kuwait’s ambitions and aspirations.”

Rushood indicated that KFH’s initiative to train and qualify the persons with disabilities was a successful step to merge them into society and practical life and assist them in building a better future for themselves and their families. He reiterated KFH’s permanent readiness to participate and cooperate in any programs and activities serving the interests of the disabled.

Rushood expressed his pride in announcing that the human resources sector at KFH comprises a group of ambitious disabled persons in various fields. He extended his appreciation and gratitude to all those who participated in organizing the disabled training program and making it a success. The program covered various KFH departments including bank branches, human resources, banking cards and others.

Director General of the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped (KSH), Dr Elham Al-Hamdan said: “With the support, enhancement, commitment and dedication of the employees of both KFH and the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped our students were able to complete roughly 100 hours of occupational training side by side with other non-handicapped colleagues. Today, we celebrate the great collective efforts extended by all those who participated in assisting the disabled to merge into society.”

She added: “We are very proud of cooperating with KFH. Our sincere thanks, appreciation, and gratitude are extended to them for training a group of our outstanding students, thus aiming to achieve Society’s goals to provide care, education, and innovative support to the persons we serve. Also, it is one of the essential factors to achieve the sustainable development plan 2030.”

KFH is always keen on organizing special courses for its employees to acquire certain skills to deal with the ambitions of disabled persons e.g., the sign language to deal with persons having hearing disability. They are also trained on the rules and regulations to deal with the disabled persons at branches and sale points, give them priority along with the aged persons, understand their needs give them assistance and provide them with all automated equipment, e-channels, and technical support.

KFH has facilitated all banking services and products for the disabled persons without bearing any additional fees or costs. KFH has provided a special branch in each governorate for the handicapped including appropriate car parking, wheelchairs, and other necessary aids.


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