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KFH issues CSR Report

Yousef Al-Ruwaieh

KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) issued its annual Corporate Social Responsibility report CSR Report. This report generally highlights the bank’s initiatives and accomplishments for calendar year 2016 in all fields of social responsibility including health, education, youth, environment, sport, people with special needs, etc.


Yousef Abdullah Al-Ruwaieh, Executive Manager Group Public Relations and Media at KFH, said that KFH successfully contributes in the sustainable social development. Its social role is played in coordination with official bodies to ensure best implementation of projects and maximum benefit to the society.


He added in a press release that KFH enjoys a rich and long experience in society service and sustainable growth. KFH has executed many projects, initiatives and programs throughout its long career, thus serving various fields and sectors and continuing to bear its social responsibility. KFH has ensured to communicate with various society segments through several initiatives and awareness campaigns, support of various activities and events to be more focused on the community.


Ruwaieh said that the report, which has been issued in English and Arabic, included several programs and work plans in 2016, covering education, health, youth, sports and environment fields in addition to participations in national and religious events.


He indicated that the bank has launched several awareness campaigns, causes and important issues raised by main initiators through enhancement of awareness especially in economic and health fields via various social media channels.


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