KFH opens new branch in Al-Nuzha

Capital governor praises bank’s efforts in offering best financial services

Al-Muhanna and Al-Nahedh cutting the ribbon

KUWAIT: Capital Governor Lt Gen Thabet Al- Muhanna praised the significant role of Kuwait Finance House “KFH” in supporting and developing the national economy along with the distinctive banking and financial services offered to customers. Al-Muhanna added during his participation in cutting the ribbon of opening KFH’s branch in Al-Nuzha are with the attendance of large prominent officials from KFH led by the Group CEO Mazin Saad Al-Nahedh that KFH enjoys a long track record of regional and global achievements represented by the financing services to different development projects, the restructuring that serves its new vision of adapting the best practices of banking transactions as per highest international standards, in addition to the professionalism of innovation and customer services across huge network of branches spread all over Kuwait.

He underlined the full compliance of KFH with Sharia principles and the regulations of regulatory authorities. Meanwhile, Al-Nahedh said that the opening of Al-Nuzha branch represents an added civilized and service value to the people of the area and meets the needs of a large number therefrom.

This comes within the bank’s policy aiming at maintaining the pioneering position while expanding the network of KFH local branches so as to provide the best services to customers in the nearest place to their presence, noting that KFH is continuously keen on providing the best innovative services and products to its customers. KFH extensively focuses on upgrading the performance style of its branches and staff to match with the growth in customers’ volume and meet their needs and demands. He added that KFH uniquely offers branches dedicated for ladies and others for men, indicating Al-Nuzha branch offers Safe Deposit Boxes service, Instant card issuance in addition to all banking services that meet customers’ ambitions.

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