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KFH: Over 10 million users of Quran application

KUWAIT: Holy Quran application launched by Kuwait Finance House “KFH” on IOS, and Android devices made a record number of users crossing 10 million users. The application is a distinguished mark among similar applications as it scored the highest download ratio. The application provides several facilities including recitation, memorization, interpretation and several other exclusive advantages. KFH is the world’s first bank to place this application at the disposal of the users of smart devices including mobiles and iPads.

The Holy Quran application is an added value that strengthens KFH identity as an Islamic financial institution and contributes to the spread of the Book of Allah. Also, it helps in the memorization, recitation, identification of terminology meanings and elaborations. The application is witnessing continuous updates to cope with users’ requirements. The recent update launched witnessed the inclusion of several features e.g., adding the old version of (Madina Quran) which is preferred by several elderly readers who are used to this version of the Holy Quran for decades. Also, this version is highly demanded by many memorizers who got used to read this version. Also, the update includes the facility to change the color of the Holy Book (app background) to facilitate the identification of the type of Quran printing for users.

The recent update provides a facility that suits parents to track their children recitation and memorization of Quran through the facility (Multiple Quran) which enables the main user to monitor the recitation and memorization of all users regardless of their device type in an easy and facilitated manner.

KFH Quran application contains several advantages that made it highly distinguished. The application supports the multiple color facility that permits the reader to perform several complete recitations of the holy Quran. Also, it provides the facility to refer to any interpretation or translation of any verse instantly. The application provides the advantage of night reading and serial of the read pages and the time consumed in reading. Also, it provides the text search facility in the Quran verses in addition to several other advantages that facilitate reading for users.

The application comprises several facilities and advantages including the addition of vocal recitation by many famous reciters in the Arab world, verse interpretation facility (Jalalain), number search facility, highlighting words in different colors for easy and fast search of page, Surat, verse volume or section, better display of pages to suit all various screens of Android devices, high navigation speed among verses, continued functioning of application upon transfer to another application on Android, color selection option as per new technology and report issuance facility for read parts.

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