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KFH participates in ACK virtual career fair

KUWAIT: ACK officials honor KFH officials at the end of the career fair.

KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) participated in the virtual career fair organized by the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK), as part of the bank’s continuous efforts to highlight the talents of the newly graduated Kuwaiti youth. Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Kuwait Finance House Zeyad Abdullah Al-Omar was honored at the end of the career fair.

He stressed the role of KFH and its continuous endeavor to localize work in its various departments, and to train and qualify Kuwaiti cadres and capabilities at the level of the private sector through distinguished contributions in this field. He said that KFH is always keen on adding value to the industry of national economy, which has both the development and rehabilitation of the human element among its top priorities.

During the exhibition, KFH reviewed the qualitative training programs that it implements, and received applications from those wishing to be hired, as there was a great and remarkable demand for KFH, which confirms the good reputation and distinguished position the bank occupies among those approaching the labor market, especially among young graduates. The career fair aims to enable companies and employers to identify the outputs of the university and job seekers to fill various jobs and specializations.

KFH’s participation in the career fair included introducing KFH and its role as well as its efforts in employing Kuwaiti youth and the advantages it offers, the most important of which is the committed banking work that provides great experience in many banking and finance fields. Additionally, those wishing to apply for work were introduced to the procedures and requirements, for direct and quick application, of the jobs available on the KFH website.

Career fairs are among the most effective means that help achieve harmony between education outcomes and the needs of the evolving and constantly changing labor market due to scientific and technological progress. The role of KFH and its contributions in this field are characterized by the high ability to take the initiatives of integrating and rehabilitating citizens in suitable jobs in the labor market. This comes as a national responsibility towards developing national cadres and qualifying them to work in the private sector.


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