KFH signs an agreement with Kuwait Red Crescent Society

Abdulwahab Al-Rushood signing the agreement with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society

KUWAIT: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has signed an agreement with Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) to execute relief and medical projects for Syrian refugees in Jordan in cooperation with the Jordan Red Crescent Society (JNRCS). The agreement represents a new affirmation of KFH’s pioneering role in social responsibility and an addition to its long record of accomplishments and initiatives which have reasserted the concept of efficiency in achieving comprehensive social development.

In a signing ceremony held at the JNRCS premises in Amman, the Acting Group Chief Executive Officer at KFH, Abdulwahab Al-Rushood signed the agreement in the presence of the Secretary- General of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society Maha Al-Barjas, the Director of Legal Department, Musaed Al-Enizi, President of the Jordan Red Crescent Society, Dr Mohammed Al-Hadid and His Excellency Kuwait’s Ambassador, Aziz Al-Daihani. The agreement supports initiatives comprising winter clothing, medical aid, Kuwait doctors’ participation in surgical operations, provision of one year food supplies, establishment of a clinic and other social activities as provided in the agreement.

During the signing ceremony, Al-Rushood expressed his delight at the launch of this human initiative which emphasizes the significant role of KFH in social responsibility that transcends the parameters of place and time. Al-Rushood added: “For more than 40 years, KFH has been placing human activities and social service at the top of its priorities. Aid initiatives are still heading this activity. Today, we renew the launch of this human project through a series of fruitful cooperative programs jointly with Kuwait Red Crescent Society to contribute to the lifting and easing of the suffering of all affected people.”

Al-Rushood reiterated KFH obligation to support the social initiatives of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and its aid efforts which have always reflected the bright side of Kuwait. Kuwait Red Crescent has adopted several human cross-border projects to reach other countries and geographies, thus affirming the generosity and kindness which have characterized Kuwait and its people worldwide. He added that the Kuwait Red Crescent Society enjoys a long record of accomplishments and achievements in human activity efforts and various social and aid programs. Al-Rushood appreciated the efforts of all those who participated in this project and hoped to achieve more accomplishments in this respect. It’s worth mentioning that KFH has a pioneering role in all aspects of social responsibility at the highest standards.

KFH has participated in several social strategic initiatives eg, settlement of the debts of troubled debtors in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice where the amount exceeded KD 20 million benefiting approximately 10,000 troubled debtors, KFH’s large participation in the support the KD 10 million fund for COVID-19 government relief measures, KFH support to Kuwait Red Crescent Society by providing 40 mobile security points to serve security authorities at quarantine areas and KFH’s support to the Ministry of Interior by providing 30 cars to serve the ministry workers while carrying out their duties towards the state and society.

KFH has signed an agreement with Kuwait Red Crescent Society and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Kuwait to donate $ 540,000, aiming to aid 3,794 families of the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Also, it has signed a cooperation agreement with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society to reestablish and furnish an orphanage in Raihaniya City – Turkey to support the orphan children of Syrian refugees.

KFH has built the addiction treatment hospital costing KD 4.5 million, donated funds to build 15 ambulance centers and enhance the medical matrix. Also, it has succeeded in launching a global campaign to combat diabetes in Kuwait in cooperation with the International Diabetes Federation. Moreover, KFH participated in the construction of chalets made for people with special needs at Al-Zour, costing KD 1 million and covering an area of 7,000 square meters.

KFH has made significant contributions to the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), private sector employment support program, Institute of Banking Studies and other social initiatives which have strengthened its leading role in sustainable social development.

Praises of KFH leading social role
The Secretary-General of Kuwait Red Crescent Society – Maha Al-Barjas appreciated and praised KFH social role, indicating that the agreement signed with KFH targets aid and medical programs and activities for both the Syrian and Palestinian refugees and the needy Jordanian families. The President of Jordan Red Crescent Society Dr Mohammed Al-Hadid also praised and appreciated the support extended by KFH within this human and social initiative.

The Ambassador of the State of Kuwait Aziz Al-Daihani said that Kuwait’s human activity efforts and donations represent the concept of partnership between various official institutions of the state and the private sector which has showed tremendous levels of social responsibility and development.


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