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KIB infuses distinctive community initiatives into Ramadan campaign

Nawaf Najia

KUWAIT: As part of its active social commitment to play an active role within the local community beyond the scope of its financial services and solutions, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) announced the launch of its Ramadan campaign for this year. The campaign is set to kick off at the beginning of the Holy Month under the Bank’s leading social responsibility program, featuring a variety of recreational, religious, social and sports initiatives and activities.

On this occasion, Nawaf Najia, Executive Manager of the Corporate Communications Unit at KIB, congratulated all members of the Board of Directors, Executive Management, shareholders and employees of the Bank, as well as KIB’s valued customers and members of Kuwait’s society on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan. “Every year, KIB looks forward to launching its Ramadan campaign to complement its track record of impactful community initiatives, which reflects its unyielding commitment to continue to give back to the community.

Additionally, KIB’s campaigns epitomize its strategic vision and leading role as an active community member with a solid commitment to having a positive impact on various segments of Kuwait’s society, especially at this time of year; the holy month of Ramadan is a time of deep reflection and generosity for all the society – it brings members of the society together to spread love and encourage acts of benevolence.”

Najia pointed out that this year, KIB is introducing a first-of-its-kind marketing project that aims to spread banking awareness and knowledge in an entertaining way, especially given the continuing curfew and lockdowns which has kept people homebound. Developed in collaboration with a renowned international animation studio, “KIB Family” is an informative animated series that will be released during Ramadan across the Bank’s social media platforms. “KIB Family” is the first complete show to be developed by a financial institution that depicts real life events and offers valuable and engaging insights to the Kuwaiti audience.

In celebration of the holy month, KIB is also launching the “KIB Family Competition” where the audience will have to answer questions about each of the episodes to win a cash prize, in addition to Ghatawi KIB – a social media competition on KIBPage with valuable cash prizes for each winner.

Najia added: “In addition to communicating effectively with the public through its social media channels, KIB continues to play a leading role in promoting religious awareness, by creating and sharing content that comprises information and advice, in addition to posting episodes that highlight useful religious, moral and Islamic topics in collaboration with Sheikh Talal Al-Fakher.

Moreover, our Ramadan campaign is packed with content that feature a range of exercising videos and work out tips by Trainer Fahad Al-Jarallah, in order to help maintain a healthy routine during Ramadan, especially amidst pandemic-related restrictions and home quarantine.”

Concluding his statement, Najia pointed out that this year, KIB’s Ramadan campaign comprises several charitable and humanitarian initiatives aimed at supporting underprivileged families, he added: “The initiatives will promote notions of social solidarity and philanthropic values, which Kuwait has always been known for, including launching its annual “Al-Machla” initiative aimed at providing essential food supplies to underprivileged families in Kuwait in collaboration with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS).

Additionally, KIB is launching its annual Iftar Sa’em initiative and will distribute daily Iftar meals with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers from the Bank as well as dozens of other volunteers throughout the holy month. In addition, the Bank is set to conclude its Ramadan campaign with “Kiswat El-Eid” initiative by distributing purchase vouchers for Eid clothing to the poor and needy, with the aim of spreading and sharing the joy of Eid.”


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