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KIB launches ‘For Kuwait’ initiative in collaboration with EPA

KUWAIT: Kuwait International Bank (KIB) announced the launch of a new environmental initiative entitled ‘For Kuwait’, which includes printing 500 carton trash bins for the disposal of used face masks and gloves, in collaboration with the Environment Public Authority (EPA).

These eco-friendly trash bins are to be distributed to all the ministries of Kuwait, as well as government agencies, shopping malls and government and private hospitals. The initiative seeks to support the joint efforts of KIB and the EPA in protecting the environment of Kuwait and raising awareness about the importance of safe disposal of personal protective equipment (PPE) in halting the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Othman Tawfeqe, General Manager of the Retail Banking Department at KIB, said: “The launch of this initiative is part of KIB’s leading social responsibility program, which always strives for raising awareness about the negative effects of environmental contamination, including that which occurs as a result of throwing contaminated gloves and face masks on the ground or in public squares. We are all partners when it comes to keeping Kuwait’s environment clean.

We hope that through this initiative we can contribute towards encouraging responsible behavior in individuals towards their environment, drawing their attention to the importance of maintaining a healthy, clean and sustainable environment just as we seek to protect ourselves and those around us from contracting the novel coronavirus.”

Tawfeqe added that this initiative is a continuation of KIB’s efforts towards helping fight the spread of coronavirus, as the bank is keen on adhering to its responsibility, not only towards it employees and customers but also towards the community and the environment in which it operates, stressing that KIB is implementing all preventive measures within its headquarters and currently operating branches, where all employees and customers are screened to ensure they are symptom-free and wearing PPE including face masks and gloves.

Additionally, the bank is only allowing a limited number of customers inside the branch, alongside undertaking other precautionary practices such as pre-booking appointments and waiting in the car rather than in the branch. Furthermore, all branches, the bank’s main building and ATM machines are all constantly being sterilized, with hand sanitizers provided next to all ATM machines in order to ensure the safety of everyone.

Tawfeqe concluded by commending all public institutions and concerned authorities for their unwavering efforts in protecting citizens and residents against the coronavirus, through the adherence to strict preventive measures and protocols, stressing the need to commit to wearing face masks and gloves and disposing of them in trash bins to preserve the environment and reduce the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, Sheikha Al-Ibrahim, Director of Information and Public Relations Department, said: “The trash bins distribution initiative comes as a continuation of the campaign launched by EPA over the past months, which included the distribution of nearly 700 trash bins, also as part of the awareness campaign launched in collaboration with KIB.

The campaign was attributed to community participation aimed at preserving the Kuwait’s environment, promoting environmental culture among members of the community, and highlighting the importance of safe disposal of PPE after use to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).”

Ibrahim stressed that the distribution of these trash bins to ministries and government agencies is an attempt to raise people’s awareness about the importance of separating office waste and PPE waste after being used for prevention against the virus, such as face masks and gloves, as well as to alert people at shopping malls and hospitals to the importance of safe disposal of these wastes in their proper place, thereby ensuring public safety and contributing towards curbing the spread of the virus.

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