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KIB sponsors ‘Safe Education’ awareness campaign

Nawaf Najia

KUWAIT: Kuwait International Bank (KIB) continues to focus its social responsibility program towards supporting governmental efforts to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure a safe and seamless return to pre-pandemic normal. Accordingly, the Bank recently announced its sponsorship of the ‘Safe Education’ campaign, currently being organized by a number of government bodies – including the Ministry of Interior (MoI), the Ministry of Health (MoH), the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ministry of Information – to help spread awareness about how to keep students safe as they go back to school, whether in-person or virtually. The campaign has been tailored to various age groups and segments, including both private and public sector students and students with disabilities, in addition to targeting parents and school administrators.

Under the slogan #SafeEducation, the integrated campaign addresses various aspects of a safe return to schools, including traffic safety, in-class health precautions, dealing with and maintaining public property, and other similar matters. The campaign will also delve into other important aspects of the back-to-school season, including behaviors that can negatively impact the safety and security of students, such as cyberbullying, school violence, and encouraging or promoting drug use.

Speaking about the Bank’s sponsorship, Executive Manager of the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) at KIB, Nawaf Najia, said: “Since the onset of this crisis, KIB has not spared any effort in dedicating all available resources towards supporting the government sector’s efforts to combat the pandemic – alleviating the impact it has on our community.

Within this vein, as we near the final stages of this prolonged crisis and prepare to go back to a more normal way of life, we have made a point to participating and supporting governmental initiatives to address the social and mental health toll of the pandemic. This toll has been especially high on students and young children, who have spent so long away from their classrooms and dealing with the stresses of remote learning.”

Najia further noted that the ‘Safe Education’ campaign will be running across various channels and will use various print and digital tools to reach the largest possible audience. The campaign will include series of events and competitions, as well as various booths and interactive screens at key malls across Kuwait.

It serves to note that KIB’s support of this campaign comes as part of the bank’s leading social reasonability program, which constantly seeks to support social development across various areas. The bank is heavily active in promoting awareness campaigns that focus on key social issues impacting the people of Kuwait, especially youth, which KIB has always thought of as the cornerstone of Kuwait’s future.


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