Kidnap attempt on Filipina by an Egyptian

KUWAIT: A Filipina beautician was the target of a kidnapping attempt by an Egyptian because she refused to marry him. A security source said the Filipina told Abu Halifa police station that when she finished her work at a salon, she was surprised by a person attempting to kidnap her, but was able to escape. The Filipina said she was about to marry the Egyptian, but some problems prompted her to change her mind.

Teens fight
Four juveniles in Dhaher stabbed their friend following a dispute over an ATV, and the victim was rushed to Adan Hospital. Police received a call about the fight, so they rushed to the area but did not find anyone. While there, they received a call from the Adan Hospital investigator telling them that a person was brought in with a stab wound. Police then found the juvenile was stabbed during the same fight they were called about. Police are investigating.

Café scuffle
Police put an end to a fight between three citizens in a Fahaheel cafe, and all were detained. All three exchanged accusations, and it was found that two of them had differences with the third, so they were all charged with fighting and trading insults and detained for further legal action. – Al-Rai

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