Kidnapper at large

KUWAIT: Farwaniya detectives are looking for an unidentified person who attempted to a kidnap a minor Syrian girl by after placing his hand on her mouth to prevent her from crying out for help. A security source said the girl was not able to give a description of the suspect, as the suspect was behind her. The girl’s father said the girl was able to scream, so the suspect hit her and escaped.

Intruder caught
A youth was detained at Reqqa police station after detectives arrested him for entering a house without permission and attempting to assault a minor girl. A security source said that a woman told Manqaf police that her daughter saw her neighbor’s son in her room trying to approach her, so she screamed, prompting him to escape. The suspect insisted that what the girl said is untrue, although the girl and her mother insisted on their claim.

Reckless driving
Traffic department detectives arrested an expat and impounded his vehicle for endangering the lives of others by leaving the vehicle’s door open with people inside, which could’ve led to someone falling outside and endangering motorists’ lives. Detectives responded to the orders of Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Maj Gen Fahad Al-Shuwaye after a clip on social media showed the man driving and opening the door on a highway.

Cop offended
A citizen was held at Adan police station for insulting a policeman and attempting to run him over. The man was told by a security guard that he couldn’t enter a parking lot because he did not have a permit, but he insisted, so the guard sought the help of police and the incident took place.

Multiple arrests
A police patrol spotted an Indian man and attempted to stop him, but he escaped on foot. He was later caught in Salmiya. Police found 50 liquor bottles with him. Meanwhile, a police patrol in Jaber Al-Ali were alerted by a man sleeping in a car, so they asked to check his ID, but he was not in a normal condition. When his car was searched, an imported bottle of liquor and a glass were found. He was taken to the police station. – Al-Anbaa

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