KIPCO continues its support of the Protégés

KUWAIT: Announcing for the ninth year, Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) (KIPCO) will be the strategic partner of The Proteges.

“The Proteges program has proven to present a unique and extraordinary category of youth to the community. We are excited to see what the Proteges ninth generation will come up with, and we proudly continue to empower Kuwait’s youth in owning their own success,” said Abeer Al-Omar Director of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Shamlan Al-Bahar and Abeer Al-Omar

“We created this program to provide life skills and leadership skills to future Arab generations, which is enhancing the welfare of the community and the leadership for the Arab world. We would like to thank His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, for their constant support , encouragement, and their strong faith in the organization and its objectives. Thank you as well to all the sponsors for contributing to the success of the program over the past nine years, led by the strategic partner of the Proteges program KIPCO and its subsidiaries said Shamlan Al-Bahar, Founder of the Proteges.

Al-Bahar continued, “Our main goal is to look for talented youth, and give them a chance to shine, hoping that these young people, through participating in the program, will gain the knowledge and life experiences that will change their lives forever. So, we are here today to launch the 9th Generation Partnership of the Proteges program, and we encourage all young people, aged 16 to 24 years to learn more about the program, and register for the current year as soon as possible. KIPCO and its subsidiaries have participated to support the program over the past seven years. For example, the American University of Kuwait has offered the campus to host training courses in Kuwait. OSN the regional satellite TV company have also set up advertising space to promote the program.”

“The program is designed to enhance social skills , life skills, and the development of self-awareness, as well as focus on improving thinking and creativity. This is achieved through workshops, projects, guest speakers, and trips outside Kuwait., Thank you for the great support from KIPCO and its subsidiaries, we look forward to this great continued partnership,” added Al-Bahar.

“KIPCO and its subsidiaries are keen to support and encourage talented youth to create a conscious generation of their future responsibilities. The company renews its strategic partnership with The Proteges program for its absolute confidence in the achievements of the program. KIPCO have harnessed all their capabilities to support the program and ensure sustainability and provide for their founders and mentors the services and products through its subsidiaries, which help to complete each season as required and provide the necessary requirements for students enrolled in the program. There are nine subsidiaries of KIPCO that sponsor this program annually: Burgan Bank, KAMCO, United Real Estate, Gulf Insurance Group, Al-Qurain Petrochemicals Company, American University of Kuwait, OSN Ad Company, Kuwait Hotels Company and United Networks,” said by Abeer Al-Omar Director of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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