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KOC Hospital turns ward into COVID-19 quarantine

KUWAIT: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation CEO Hashem Hashem and other officials tour a Kuwait Oil Company facility to check operations in light of the special measures Kuwait has taken to combat the spread of the coronavirus. – KUNA

KUWAIT: Kuwait Oil Company said Saturday KOC Hospital, also known as Al-Ahmadi Hospital, has designated a full ward as a quarantine for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. The ward, with a 13-bed capacity, is put at the disposal of the Ministry of Health which can use it and increase its occupancy when need be, KOC Deputy CEO and Spokesman Qusai Al-Amer in a statement to the press.

“It serves as a backup facility in case there is large number of infections exceeding the occupancy of Jaber Hospital. It is fully equipped and provided with the best human resources,” he said, noting that the ward is ready to work around the clock. KOC has also provided the Ministry with a number of rooms at Al-Ahmadi guesthouse that could be used as compulsory quarantine for the Kuwaiti nationals who might be evacuated from countries severely hit with coronavirus outbreaks, Al-Amer pointed out.

“The company has set an emergency plan for its Al-Ahmadi Hospital which boasts a great experience, highly qualified medical and nursing staff, and the world’s latest medical equipment,” he went on. He reaffirmed the company’s commitment to contributing to the efforts spearheaded by the Ministry of Health to combat the spread of COVID-19, noting that the company has adopted the necessary preventive measure since the emergence of the pandemic in Kuwait. “Shouldering its national and social responsibilities, KOC puts its health and logistic resources at the disposal of the state to overcome the current challenging conditions,” he stressed.

Asked on the company’s response to the Cabinet decision last Wednesday to shut down the state bodies from March 12 until March 26 to stem the spread of the pandemic, he said the company adapted to the decision in a way that hampered neither the oil production nor exportation. “The company continued operating its facilities with the minimum number of staff to ensure stable supplies to the power generating stations, and the local and foreign markets,” Amer explained. He stressed the need of collective cooperation by everybody in the country to help overcome the current crisis.

“All operations are continuing normally and without any interruption,” Amer said, adding that workers are doing their jobs in the fields according to the emergency plan set up by the company to ensure the continuity of work in these exceptional circumstances. He stated that KOC’s higher management is directly following the needs of the workers, as the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation CEO Hashem Hashem, together with the KOC CEO Emad Sultan and a number of deputy chief executives visited some of the company’s facilities that included both oil installations in the north and west Kuwait.

The spokesperson noted that the visit aimed to check on the progress of work in the fields where the visiting delegation met workers there and commended its members for their commitment to do their work without interruption despite the challenges posed by the spread of the coronavirus and the strict measures taken at the country level. – KUNA

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