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KPC leaders hand over cars to cut down expenses

KUWAIT: Three Kuwait Petroleum Corporation(KPC) officials recently handed over vehicles that had been allocated for them by KPC, with the aim of cutting down expenses, said informed sources. These include Nizr Al-Adsani, KPC CEO, Hashim Hashim, the managing director of Al-Zour refinery integrated petrochemicals complex, Bader Al-Sharad, the managing director for training and administrative affairs.

The sources noted that KPC had made several decisions to cut down expenses including, withdrawing seniors’ vehicles and paying those seniors a KD 250 monthly allowance instead. The sources explained that this measure would be used in KPC, Kuwait Petroleum International and Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company, while senior officials in other subsidiaries would keep their vehicles due to their jobs’ nature and having to move to geographically remote areas.

Further, the sources said that daily travel allowances would be reduced to KD 300 for the minister, KD 220 for senior officials and KD 180 for other employees including managers. In addition, first class travel will be restricted to the minister, CEOs and managing directors, whereas deputy directors, deputy CEOs, managers and heads of teams will travel on business class and other employees on economy class. —Al-Rai

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