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KRCS sends third relief plane to Sudan

KUWAIT: This photo released by the Defense Ministry yesterday shows humanitarian aid being lauded into a plane heading to Sudan yesterday.

KUWAIT/KHARTOUM: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) sent yesterday a third relief plane to Sudan, carrying humanitarian aid meant for the victims of flashfloods. In a statement to the press, KRCS’s emergency management director Yousef Al-Miraj said the third plane contained humanitarian aid and 10 tons of blankets.

He expressed his gratitude to the donors who contributed to the ‘Relief Sudan’ campaign, which was launched through the society’s website, adding that they are coordinating with the Kuwaiti embassy in Sudan and the Sudanese Red Crescent to rapidly distribute the aid to affected people.Al-Miraj thanked Kuwait’s defense and foreign miniseries for facilitating the delivery of aid to help Sudan recover from this disaster.

A second planeload of relief supplies dispatched by Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) had arrived on Sunday in the Sudanese capital to relieve victims of wide-scale flash floods that made thousands of people homeless and inflicted heavy damage. Abbas Fadlallah, the humanitarian affairs commissioner in Sudan, expressed in a statement upon the plane arrival deep gratitude to the State of Kuwait for the generous and ongoing support for the nation particularly during dire times.

The KRCS General director Abdulrahman Al-Aoun, who was among eminent personalities upon the plane touchdown, indicated that camps would be built to shelter people whose houses were destroyed or washed away with the raging waters that also swamped large swathes of land in the nation. The aircraft that took off from Kuwait earlier on Sunday carried 40 tons of humanitarian aid meant for the victims affected by the flash floods.

Miraj had said in an earlier statement that the plane contained foodstuffs, medicines, tents and water pumps. Miraj added that the association will inspect affected places and determine requirements of those affected by the natural disaster. “This is an obligation towards our brothers in Sudan,” he said.

Sudanese authorities, since September 5, have enforced a three-month state of emergency throughout the country amid mounting natural disasters, namely fall of heavy rain and overflow of the Nile. More than 557,000 people have been adversely affected with the catastrophes in 17 states of Sudan. The torrential rainfalls and the raging waters have caused deaths of more than 100 people and injured at least 50 others. Thousands of houses have been demolished or swept away and many cattle have perished. – KUNA

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