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Kristen Stewart’s life is ‘too good’ right now

The 31-year-old actress is currently planning her wedding after getting engaged to Dylan Meyer last year and she’s also been nominated for her first Oscar, as well as a string of other awards, thanks to her work on ‘Spencer’, so she’s feeling very content. She said: “I’m living a simulation, it’s too good. You run through the list, and I go, like, is that possible? Right now, I’m definitely feeling it. “It’s not lost on me any second of any day. I will tell you that.” Kristen played the late Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’ and she reflected on what she’s learned about the royal – who died in a car accident in 1997 – and how she differed from the rest of The Firm since she started work on the movie.

She told E! News: “She’s ironically this very un-noble figure in history, but she is the one person in the royal family who ever really reached out and touched anyone. “I think the sad thing is, when you see her, she seems like somebody who wants to just be touched. “So there’s this strange friction and there’s this thing that makes you lean into her, and despite not knowing all of the details of her inner life, you can feel them kind of vibrating through everything she says.”

Kristen recently admitted she was “astounded” to have been nominated for Best Actress at the upcoming Academy Awards. She said “I am truly astounded and unbelievably moved and touched and just stunned. I love this movie. “I just saw the director of ‘Spencer’ [Pablo Larrain] for the first time since we found out about the nomination, and just seeing the look on his face, seeing all the work we’ve put into this just evident in his smile, it made me so happy.” – Bang Showbiz


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