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KSH to implement special program ‘Care of People with Disabilities’

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation dedicated a fund for 30 children with disabilities to cover their rehabilitation and education services at the KSHs Educational Centers. The Kuwaiti Society for the Handicapped is eager to implement the “Care of People with Disabilities” project in Kuwait in cooperation with the Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation.

KSH Director General Dr Elham Al-Hamdan stated: “Since the establishment of the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped in 1971 as the first charity in Kuwait that provides services for children with disabilities at no cost, the Society has continued to provide integrated rehabilitation services to people with disabilities at no cost and spared no efforts in integrating them into society.

All these efforts were directed to empower and encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities in the mainstream community. In conjunction with the KSH’s belief in the rights of people with disabilities, the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped has adopted in its strategy the achievement of sustainability in a way that serves the care of people with disabilities and the fulfillment of Kuwait Vision 2035″.

Dr Elham added: “This project aims to provide integrated care programs for people with disabilities, which include rehabilitation services, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and education. These services develop the abilities of our students helping them overcome obstacles and assist them in improving independence, becoming productive, and adapting to the environment around them.

KSH Director General Dr Elham Al-Hamdan

Moreover, this project contributes to empowering people with disabilities from less fortunate families by covering their treatment fees and granting them access to adequate rehabilitation services, which symbolize solidarity and compassion among community members, especially as it’s known that the costs of treatment are pretty high. She added that the Kuwait Society for the Handicapped provides equal services for people with disabilities who reside in Kuwait.

And that the Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation fund was dedicated to the most underprivileged 30 people with disabilities registered in the society. Concluding her statement, Dr Elham Al-Hamdan expressed her sincere gratitude and appreciation for Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation’s efforts in supporting people in need, and she appraised the strategic partnership between the “Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation” and the “Kuwait Society for the Handicapped” which is the forefront of sustainability, growth, and development in Kuwait.

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