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KU holds first international conference on AI

KUWAIT: Under the sponsorship of Education Minister Dr Hamad Al-Adwani, and in the presence of the Acting Director of Kuwait University, Dr Suad Al-Fadhli, the College of Medical Sciences held its first international conference on artificial intelligence for education in the College of Medicine, at the Health Sciences Center in Jabriya.

“The field of artificial intelligence began to impact many areas of life during the past twenty years, explaining that the main goal of the conference is to improve the quality of healthcare services in Kuwait by increasing knowledge about ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied in providing healthcare services,” Dr Al-Fadhli said.

“The conference on AI will focus on its benefits in health science education and healthcare applications, as it is a challenging phase as the faculty begins to introduce AI, machine learning, and other technologies into their curricula and courses,” she clarified.

Dr Suad Al-Fadhli

Al-Fadhli indicated that classic methods of teaching basic sciences and other educational courses are not sufficient without implementing advanced technology and machine learning,” she added.

“The second objective of the conference is based on the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare, in which Kuwait has made giant leaps since 2014, through the use of robotic surgery in various specialties. Moreover, it aims to introduce artificial intelligence and its applications in healthcare facilities through oral presentations, keynotes, video presentations and poster presentations,” she added.

She added, “The results of our conference allow for the creation of distinct networks among the public, filling literacy gaps around artificial intelligence in health sciences and healthcare education applications, introducing frontline technology for healthcare providers and working towards a first-class model for all faculties. So we are pleased to unite a community of people who are committed to reshaping technology using the latest artificial intelligence technologies,” she said.

The conference featured several lectures, including ‘The Beginning of Artificial Intelligence in Health Sciences Education’ by Professor Nabil Zari, ‘Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare’ by Professor Farah Maghribi, and ‘How Much Should Healthcare Professionals Know About Artificial Intelligence?’ Dr Adhari Al-Zaabi and ‘Robotic Urology’ were lectured by Dr Saad Al-Dosari. The conference will continue on December 1, 2022.

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