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KU holds research workshop for faculty, students

KUWAIT: The research department at Kuwait University organized a workshop titled: “How to Present Your Research Paper in a Peer-reviewed Journal” on Tuesday. The workshop was held at Al-Shadadiya campus and attended by faculty and graduate students in scientific colleges.

Electrical Engineering Professor Mohammed Baidas and Life Sciences Professor Dari Al-Huwail presented the workshop, which is meant to support and encourage scientific research and develop the research capabilities faculty and postgraduate students.

“The workshop aims to introduce faculty and postgraduate students to the importance of research ethics and how to integrate them into the research process. It also aims to teach them how to choose an appropriate journal to publish their work and how to evaluate and critically read research papers,” said Baidas.

Al-Huwail said participants were introduced to the basic principles of the research process and how to respond to reviewers’ comments. The workshop was held due to the increasing demand from Kuwait University students and faculty. It also contributes to Kuwait University’s scientific progress, said Assistant Vice Chancellor Haneen Al-Ghabra.

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