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KU inaugurates ScienceExpo 2023

KUWAIT: Acting Director of Kuwait University, Dr Fahd Al-Rashidi opened Monday the College of Science exhibition titled “ScienceExpo 2023”, with the participation of several parties from inside and outside the university.

Acting Dean of the College Dr Muhammad bin Sabt, said in a press statement that the college the annual exhibition is the largest held by the college with the participation of clubs affiliated with scientific departments and several entities from the public and private sectors.

The exhibition, said Bin Sabt, aims to introduce new students to the scientific departments of the college and its programs in order to determine their path at the college. Outside parties have participated to introduce graduating students to job opportunities in their field and get them acquainted with the nature of work after graduation.

The head of the Office of Guidance and Counseling, Mona Mahmoud said the exhibition includes an introduction to the majors offered by the Faculty of Science and how they are related to one another.

Taking the spotlight this year is the marine sciences program, which first launched in 2016 and is the newest program at the college. The exhibit will explain the relationship of the marine sciences major with the rest of the scientific disciplines in the College and clarify the potential work opportunities that students can join after graduation.

The exhibition includes various scientific departments at the college of science, including chemistry, financial mathematics, applied chemistry, engineering physics, statistics, research and operations, applied statistics, physics, marine sciences, earth sciences and environmental and biological sciences. There were also pavilions where students presented their experiences and offered tutorials on some of the scientific procedures used in laboratories. – KUNA

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