Kuwait affirms UN charter crucial for defending small countries

New York: The State of Kuwait has affirmed that the UN charter constituted the frontline for small countries citing the reference in 1991 to the UN rules for liberating Kuwait under auspices of the international organization.

The reference to the UN conventions at the time revealed significance of States’ coordinated efforts under the UN umbrella through resolutions of the UN Security Council in support of law and justice, First Secretary at Kuwait Permanent Delegation to UN Fahad Hajji, stated.

Hajji was addressing a UNSC session for open discussion on international peace and security by defending the UN principles.

“The liberation of the State of Kuwait constituted a successful historic example regarding potentials of the Security Council,” the First Secretary of the Kuwaiti mission said, alluding to the flagrant violation of the UN charter by invading the State of Kuwait in August 1990.

This session is held at a very critical time where the world is witnessing unprecedented, intertwined and complex political, security, economic, humanitarian and environmental challenges, he said.

These challenges have put the multi-party international order under a real test that may be the hardest and most pending since establishment of the UN in 1945, the Kuwaiti diplomat elaborated.

Facing this historic test warrants unified and collective action among the UN member states and shunning deep divisions, he continued.

“We must act collectively to check violence and aggression and act to build cordial relations among States .. and encourage respect for human rights,” he said.

Citing principles for States’ relations, he noted countries’ sovereignty, independence, territorial sanctity, non-intervention in each others’ domestic affairs, settling strifes peacefully and abstention from threats and using force by a State against another.

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