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Kuwait Airways continues to vaccinate staff against COVID-19

By Nawara Fattahova

KUWAIT: Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) is continuing vaccinating its staff against COVID-19 in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. The vaccination process includes all employees working in operations and support departments, and those in affiliated companies. Onboard staff were already vaccinated during the holy month of Ramadan.

Public Relations and Media Director Fayez Al-Anezi said KAC is keen to vaccinate all its staff working in operations and support departments and in affiliated companies to be able to do their job in the best way in a safe and healthy environment. “Preserving the health and safety of our staff and clients is our priority,” he said yesterday.

“Most of KAC’s employees are in direct contact with clients, both at the airport and at offices in various locations all over Kuwait. So KAC, in cooperation with the ministry of health, set a plan to send mobile units to KAC’s headquarters to hold the vaccination drive on Thursday,” added Anezi. “Thousands of KAC employees are facing the risk of infection due to their work. So we worked hard to get all employees vaccinated,” he said.

KAC also regularly disinfects offices, corridors, meeting rooms and other places where its staff works. “KAC is providing facemasks and sanitizers at all of its facilities. We also have informative stickers with health instructions on the walls and on the floor to prevent the spread of the virus. Also last month, we launched a huge awareness campaign to encourage people to get vaccinated, which was welcomed by citizens and expats,” concluded Anezi.

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