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Kuwait Airways cutover to Amadeus a resounding success

Kuwait Airways

KUWAIT: Kuwait Airways, the official national airline of the State of Kuwait, announced that the cut-over to the world-leading, Amadeus Altéa Suite – for its new inventory, reservations, ticketing and loyalty systems – was a resounding success. The systems migration, which took place on the night of 19-20 May, was completed in just a matter of hours.
Project Director for the Amadeus Implementation and Kuwait Airways’ Director of IT, Abdulmunim Abdulsalam, praised the professionalism of his team and all of the partners involved in making the transfer to the new Amadeus Altéa Suite a smooth migration, saying, “Everything went according to plan.”

The cut-over to the new inventory, reservations, ticketing and loyalty system represents a major upgrade in terms of how the airline will now be able to interact and communicate with passengers and its business and travel industry partners.
“Our adoption of the Amadeus Altéa Suite and its world-leading Passenger Service System (PSS) means that Kuwait Airways will be able to offer superior online and face-to-face business transactions between Kuwait Airways and our customers, as well as being better able to personalise such technology so as to enhance our customer experience,” says Abdulsalam.
The cutover on 19-20 May represents the first phase of Kuwait Airways’ migration to the Amadeus’ Altéa Suite; the second phase – the implementation of the Departure Control System (DCS) – is set to be introduced in June of this year.

“We are very pleased to be supporting Kuwait Airways in its business transformation with Amadeus Altéa cutting edge technology. The successful migration shows the professionalism and hard-work of our teams, as well as the strength of our partnership,” said Maher Koubaa, Vice President, Head of Airline Group, Middle East and Africa at Amadeus.
In addition to the enhanced passenger and business partner experience, as a result of the new system Kuwait Airways can now use the Amadeus Altéa Suite to optimize sales, revenue generation and growth for the airline.

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