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Kuwait Airways links arrival of 4th B777-300ER, aircraft acquisitions to ‘Development Plan 2020’

National carrier on course for 10 new aircrafts

KUWAIT: Kubbar – the fourth of 10 Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts acquired by Kuwait Airways.

KUWAIT: With the Kuwaiti government having outlined a comprehensive and far-reaching strategy for the financial diversification and commercial development of the country in its ‘Kuwait Development Plan (KDP) 2020,’ there can be little doubt that the official national carrier’s aircraft acquisition plans fit hand-in-glove with the government’s ambitions.
Friday’s arrival – the fourth of 10 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on order – has been named ‘Kubbar’ and is yet another key milestone being marked by the airline; however, Kuwait Airways’ aggressive rebuilding and ‘Transformation Strategy,’ announced in September 2016, will also be a significant factor in supporting the government’s KDP 2020 objectives to position the country as a key regional hub for business and commerce.

In today’s ever-increasing, globalized economy, few would argue with the position that a strong and competitive national airline can have a hugely positive impact on the economic prosperity of a country. Therefore, in order to deliver on the goals laid out in KDP 2020, the success of Kuwait Airways’ and its aircraft acquisition policy has a role to play in turning those objectives into reality.

The contribution that aviation has already made to the economies of states in the GCC region is one that is now acknowledged worldwide. While Kuwait Airways’ historical dominance in the regional aviation sector has seen increased competition in recent decades, it remains clear to investors and businesses across the country that a resurgent national carrier can only have a positive influence on the success of the KDP 2020 strategy.

“The capacity for Kuwait to position itself as an attractive proposition for international investment, tourism and be seen as a country open for business is undeniable. If all parties to the success of KDP 2020 synchronize their efforts and focus on helping realize the government’s ambitions, there is a bright and proud future ahead for the State of Kuwait – both in the region and internationally,” says Rasha Al-Roumi, Chairperson and CEO of Kuwait Airways. “For its part, Kuwait Airways stands ready to meet its obligations to the growth and prosperity of the wider economy and people of Kuwait,” Roumi added.

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